Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry involves meeting the very practical needs of people in our church and in the community. What are these practical needs? Well, Jesus gives us a list of such needs in Matthew 25:35-36. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but it gives us a taste for the kinds of practical needs Jesus saw as important. It includes food, shelter, clothing, and visiting those who are sick or in some other kind of need. Meeting practical needs is the natural outworking of the gospel of grace at work in God’s people at Crossroads.

While Jesus calls all Christians to love their neighbors in courageous and practical ways (Luke 10:27), he has created a special office in the church to model, encourage, and lead mercy ministry. This is the office of the deacon. The word deacon means “servant.” Deacons lead through their service of others. To learn more about our deacons and what they do visit the Deacons page of our website.

If you are experiencing some need at this time, the deacons of Crossroads would like to hear from you. You do not need to be a member of Crossroads to receive help. For assistance please call (302) 378-6235 and select option 4 from the menu.