We believe at Crossroads that the church exists for the world, and that part of our calling is to go and share the love of Christ not only with our community, but the world. We seek to partner financially and through prayer with missionaries around the world. We leads short term mission trips to encourage and help the missionaries we support, and to introduce others to the Church worldwide. Currently, we support missionaries and works in South Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

Crossroads has a strategy when it comes to short-term mission trips: go where we’re needed, have relationships, and can make a difference. This is why most of our trips are to places where we have missionaries serving already, or where we are in strategic partnership with existing ministries.


One of the unique features of Crossroads’ Missions ministry is its commitment to work in partnership with indigenous ministries in foreign countries. Crossroads supports many missionaries, but also works in cooperation with a number of U.S.-based missions organizations. Some of these include the West African Reformed Mission and DBI Partnership – serving works in West Africa and North India respectively.

Sending & Supporting

We also have the joy of seeing various members of Crossroads serving on various fields. Scott & Meghan Dillon have been serving the Quechua people in Cusco, Peru with MTW for several years. Keep up with the Dillons in Peru at their ministry blog here.

If you have any desire in getting involved with this ministry, or want to know more about what we do, please contact Denver Bartee at missions@crossroadsde.com.